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Alcohol Allowed in Delhi Metro. Here’s how you can carry bottles

Recently, bringing alcohol on the Delhi Metro was prohibited, except on the Airport Express Line. If any passenger is found misbehaving due to alcohol, the relevant laws will be applied to take appropriate action.

In the past 20 years, the Delhi Metro has become an essential part of the city and is considered one of the easiest ways to travel. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) recently said that passengers can now bring 2 sealed bottles of liquor while using the metro. However, drinking alcohol inside the metro is still not allowed.

DMRC made the decision after a review

The DMRC’s announcement mentioned that people are allowed to carry 2 sealed bottles of alcohol on the Delhi Metro, just like they can on the Airport Express Line.

When asked by the news agency PTI, the Delhi Metro stated that alcohol was not allowed on all lines except the Airport metro line until recently.

As per the statement from DMRC, a committee consisting of officials from CISF and DMRC has reviewed the previous order. The earlier order stated that alcohol was prohibited from being carried on the Delhi Metro, except for the Airport Express Line.

The statement also made it clear that drinking alcohol inside the Metro premises is strictly not prohibited.

DMRC appeals to passengers

The statement requested Metro passengers to behave appropriately while traveling. It warned that if any passenger is found misbehaving due to alcohol consumption, appropriate action will be taken according to the law.

What Twitter users say

Some people on social media are criticizing the Delhi Metro in response to this announcement. They are saying that CISF personnel don’t allow anything to be taken on board. Additionally, a user commented that we shouldn’t be allowed to carry alcohol because we are experts at breaking Indian rules.

One user wrote that it is hoped that the security personnel will be aware of this. I will take a screenshot of this tweet and will show them next time

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