Fans’ wait is over, a new teaser for Avatar: The Way Of Water has been released……


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It’s been a long wait—more than a decade in fact, but a sequel to Avatar is on the way. Titled Avatar: The Way Of Water, the film will release later this year. The first footage of the long-awaited sequel was screened at the CinemaCon Showcase in Las Vegas on April 27. The trailer of the film has just been released online.

The video shows fans the visually stunning landscapes of Pandora, the Earth-like habitable extrasolar moon of the gas giant Polyphemus from the Alpha Centauri system, which was also the setting for the original film. The sea or water comes into play in a number of shots. Once again, we see Na’vi. In addition to Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Netiri (Zoe Saldana) also returns. This time, though, it appears that there are several young, lovable versions of them, along with what appear to be their children. Avatar: The Way Of Water

Its blueness covers the entire trailer. So far, Avatar 2 looks visually stunning and promises to be more family-focused, as we hear Jake say at one point: “Wherever we go, this family is our fortress.”

Releasing the trailer for the first time, director James Cameron said, “With the first Avatar, we set out to push the boundaries of the big screen. With the new Avatar movies, we are pushing those limits even Avatar: The Way Of Water further. With 3D, with high dynamic range, high frame rates, high resolution, and with a lot more reality in our visual effects.”


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