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Gautam Adani Birthday: From Chawl to Asia’s Richest Men, Here’s Adani’s Inspiring Journey

Gautam Adani Birthday: Today, Gautam Adani is the wealthiest person in Asia. He used to live in a Chawl, and his journey was filled with challenges and hardships that inspired many people in the world

In today’s times, everyone knows about the experienced businessman Gautam Adani. Born on 24th June 1962, Gautam Adani celebrates his 61st birthday today. Adani didn’t become the wealthiest person in the country without a cause. He faced numerous challenges and fought hard to reach this position. Let’s learn some interesting facts about him.

Early Life and Education: 

Gautam Adani was born on 24th June 1962 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He had six siblings. Adani’s family lived in Sheth Chawl in the Pol area of Ahmedabad. Gautam Adani’s business journey began when he moved to Mumbai without completing his B.Com from Gujarat University. He started working as a diamond sorter and soon established his own diamond brokerage firm in Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai. After spending a few years in Mumbai, he returned to Ahmedabad to work in his brother’s plastic factory. It was there that Gautam decided to venture into global trading by importing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), a material widely used in plastic production.

Founding of Adani Group:

The import of PVC keep growing, and in 1988, the Adani Group was officially established, focusing on power and agri commodities. Thanks to the economic reforms in 1991, Gautam Adani’s business expanded and he became a multinational businessman. A major breakthrough came in 1995 when his company secured the contract to operate the Mundra Port, bringing great success to Gautam Adani. He continued diversifying his business and in 1996, Adani Power Limited was founded. After 10 years, the company also entered the power generation industry.

Expansion and Diversification: 

The Adani Group, following the Tata Group and Reliance, has become the third business house in the country to reach a market capitalization exceeding $100 billion. Adani’s business ventures take on various sectors such as mining, ports, power plants, airports, data centers, and the defense industry. Currently, seven companies of the Adani Group are listed in the stock market, generating substantial profits for investors. As a result, Gautam Adani has surpassed even Mukesh Ambani to become the wealthiest individual in the country.

Surviving Mumbai Attacks & Kidnapping Ordeals

During the tragic 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, Gautam Adani experienced a horrifying incident. On 26th November 2008, while having dinner at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, he became a target of the terrorists. In the midst of the chaos, 160 people lost their lives, but Adani miraculously escaped. He was dining at the Weathercraft restaurant with Mohammed Sharaf, the CEO of Dubai Port, when the terrorists entered the hotel and unleashed their violence, firing guns and throwing bombs. Adani, being at a higher spot, had a clear view of the terrorists continuously shooting towards the swimming pool and the elevator. With the help of the hotel staff, guests were quickly guided to the basement for safety. However, Adani began feeling suffocated in the basement, advice him to be relocated to the Taj Chamber, which was situated one floor above.
Adani spent the entire night of 26th November in the basement. They were rescued by the security forces on Thursday morning at around 8:45 am. After landing his private aircraft at Ahmedabad airport on November 27th, he shared that he had seen death from a mere 15 feet away.

In 1997, Gautam Adani was kidnapped by some individuals. They demanded approximately 11 crore rupees, for his release. While traveling in his car from Karnavati Club towards Mohammadpura Road, their car was forcibly stopped by a scooter, and a group of people from a van kidnapped them. They were taken to an undisclosed location. It is believed that the kidnapping was orchestrated by underworld don Fazal ur Rehman, also known as Fazlu Rehman.

Philanthropy and Social Initiatives

Gautam Adani’s foundation operates in 16 states across the country. In these areas, the Adani Foundation offers education to over 4 million people in more than 2,400 villages. Additionally, they work towards improving public health, promoting self-employment, and fighting against malnutrition. The Adani Foundation also provides skill development training to 100,000 students in 11 states. Last year, Adani Group founder, Gautam Adani also give 60 crores to his wife, Priti Adani’s trust, on his 60th birthday.

Recognition and Wealth: 

Adani’s success has been influenced by his strong connections with the Indian government. He has received significant government contracts and has enjoyed favorable policies. In recent times, Adani has also ventured into renewable energy and has become one of the leading developers of renewable energy in the world.

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