Google Makes Pixel Phones Even Better: This Cooperation Changes Everything


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For its Pixel cell phones, Google has entered into a cooperation with the repair experts from iFixit. The declared goal is to make it easier to repair smartphones from Google. For this purpose, original spare parts from the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 6 Pro are provided. Batteries, displays, cameras, and more can be ordered in the future.

Google: Original spare parts for Pixel phones

Google wants to make it easier for Pixel smartphone owners to get replacement parts and carry out repairs themselves. In this context, the group has now announced a partnership with iFixit. The repair experts’ iFixit kits should provide the “entire range of spare parts” for almost all Pixel phones. The original spare parts can also be ordered individually, explains Google.

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Batteries, displays, and cameras are mentioned explicitly, along with suitable tools. However, the addition “and more” in Google’s announcement already indicates that there will be more spare parts. This could affect microphones or the substructure of Pixel smartphones. The repair kits should be available for all models of the Pixel 2. Google is also committed to offering replacement parts for future models, such as the Pixel 6a. From the end of 2022, original spare parts for Pixel phones will be available in Germany and other countries where Google smartphones are officially available. This includes Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and the USA (source: press release).

Google hardware with recycled materials

Since this year, Google has been using recycled materials for all new products. The proportion is to be increased further in the future. By 2025, the group wants to rely entirely on plastic-free packaging and already receive a “Zero Waste to Land” certification.


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