: Internet impressed after an elephant frees itself from 14 lionesses


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A video shared by IFS Officer Susanta Nanda, shows a baby elephant successfully freeing itself from the deadly clutches of fourteen lionesses.

Watch: Baby elephant frees itself from 14 lionesses, internet impressed

Representational image. AFP

Time and again, the internet has brought forth suspenseful enthralling videos of a lion attacking its prey. While such videos often start buzzing over the internet, it’s the lion’s fierceness that makes it the unbeatable king of the jungle. However, the internet believes that the lion has been dethroned from its crown by another animal. This is after a video which is now making rounds on the internet, gives a new definition of what a king looks like and features a “lone tusker.” The video, shared by IFS Officer Susanta Nanda, shows the baby elephant successfully freeing itself from the deadly clutches of as many as 14 lionesses. Yes, you read that right.

While sharing the video on his Twitter account, the IFS Officer wrote in the caption, “Lone tusker takes on 14 lionesses & wins…Who should be the king of the forest?” The video opens by showing an elephant by the river struggling to get itself free from a pride lioness, who took turns jumping on its back in a bid to take it down. However, the brave calf didn’t let it go so easily. Refusing to give in, the calf led the lionesses into the water. The video shows that the stubborn apex predators didn’t leave him until and unless it reached mid-way in the water body.

In addition, when the elephant witnessed that none of the lionesses are on its back, but still they were following him, the elephant aggressively turned back and ran after them to shoo them all away. This majestic faceoff between 14 lions and an elephant, has literally left the internet impressed, with many claiming the elephant to be the real king of the jungle.

One user commented, “It is not size, weight, or height that decides who is the king of the jungle. It’s all about bravery and attitude that matter most. Lion thinks he is the king, that’s why he is the king of the jungle.. There is no match with the attitude of lions with other animals..”

Another wrote, “Humans decided it to be the King of the Jungle. Otherwise, in reality, Elephant is the one who bows to none. On a river bank when Elephant comes Lions move aside.”

A third user claimed that the video is old and belongs to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

So far, the video has been played more than 2 lakh times and has garnered over 10,000 likes.

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