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Will the release date of Shahrukh Khan ‘Dunki’ change?

Fans are eagerly waiting for Shahrukh Khan new movie "Dunki," but the makers appear some concerned. Reason of behind this Prabhas's film "Salaar" which is generating a lot of buzz and excitement on social media.

Fans in India are very excited for Shahrukh Khan new movie Dunki. On the other hand, lots of buzz on social media for Prabhas’s film “Salaar.” Both of these movies are set to release on Christmas. However, the makers of “Dunki” seem to be a bit concerned about this and thinking of changing the release movie.

In recent days, people are talking about the possibility of Shahrukh Khan movie Dunki and Prabhas’s movie ‘Salaar’ both release on the same day. Fans are very excited to see Dunki vs Salaar. But ‘Salaar’ team hasn’t officially confirmed it yet, but as per media reports and according to some experts, it seems that ‘Salaar‘ might be scheduled to release on December 22, 2023. There were also rumors that Shahrukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s movie ‘Dunki’ also release on the same day.

However, recent media reports suggest that the makers of ‘Dunki’ are changing the movie’s release date. Some experts indicate that the release date of ‘Dunki’ might be altered in India, but it’s definite that the film will still come out overseas during the Christmas season.

According to a Pinkvilla report, ‘Dunki’ is set to hit international screens on December 21. Yash Raj Films is handling the distribution of the movie in international markets. Additionally, ‘Dunki’ has also undergone test screenings at some locations, and the filmmakers are feeling quite positive because the initial viewers have given it a big thumbs-up.

The movie ‘Dunki’ deals with a serious issue – illegal immigration, which is a major concern overseas. Because of this, the filmmakers are determined to release the movie abroad as scheduled. However, the release date for India, expected before December 21, hasn’t been disclosed yet. ‘Dunki’ features key roles played by Taapsee Pannu, Satish Shah, and Vicky Kaushal alongside Shahrukh Khan.

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