‘Kacha Badam’ fame Bhuban Badyakar performs live at a Kolkata night-club, says he has stopped selling peanuts now


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In today’s world of the internet and social media, overnight fame is something that happens very frequently. And the latest example is Bengal’s peanut seller Bhuban Badyakar, who shot to fame for his song ‘Kaccha badam’ that has taken the internet by storm. Life has come full circle for Bhuban who created the catchy song for the sole purpose of selling peanuts, but now the entire nation is dancing to his creation. From selling peanuts at a remote village in Birbhum to now performing live at a nightclub in Kolkata, it’s been a journey that dreams are made of. While addressing a packed house at a posh Kolkata nightclub on Friday night, Bhuban said, ‘I am very happy being here with you all today.’ Dressed in a sparkling jacket, he sang the Kacha Badam song and the audience went into a rapturous frenzy! Bhuban who is perhaps still not fully aware of the extent to which his song has gone viral said, ‘The fact that I have been able to reach you people here and all of you have showered so much love on me, I don’t have the words to express myself.’Three months ago the 50-year-old was struggling to sustain a family of ten on his humble income from selling peanuts. And now latest reports state that a music company recently handed him a cheque of Rs 1.5 lakh as royalty for his earthy tune. Bhuban even made an appearance on one of Bengal’s most popular television reality shows hosted by none other than Sourav Ganguly! Talking about Ganguly, he said in an interview, ‘He is such a humble person. Sourav even gave me a gift.’ Bhuban also revealed how he has stopped going out to sell peanuts since the time his village came to know about his newfound fame. He said, ‘My neighbours told me not to go out, lest someone kidnaps me!’ He added that he feels proud when his son tells him about new versions of his song surfacing on the internet every day. When Bhuban was asked what’s next for him, he said, ‘I want to be one of you, now that I am here. I want to remain an artist. I have become a celebrity now. If I go out selling peanuts as a celebrity, I will have to face humiliation.’ For more news and updates,


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