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Kajol bends her first on-screen kiss after 3 decade for “The Trial”

Kajol is undoubtedly one of the most-loved, evergreen actresses in Bollywood. Recently she bends her three-decade-long no-kissing policy on screen for her OTT Drama, ‘The Trial’

Kajol has long been known for her reluctance to do on-screen kisses, and she has managed to craft a successful career without ever doing one. Her decision to finally do an on-screen kiss in her OTT debut show Trial has generated a lot of discussion. It’s a bold move for Kajol, and many have been curious about her reasons for finally taking this step.

Kajol’s debut on OTT has been generating a lot of buzz, not just because it’s a new medium for her, but also because she’s done something she’s never done before. For the first time ever, Kajol has done an on-screen kiss for her new show, The Trial. Her co-star, the talented actor Alyy Khan, has also experienced a career resurgence thanks to this show.
It’s an exciting time for both of them, and they’re definitely making waves in the entertainment world.

In The Trial, Alyy Khan and Kajol characters were in a romantic relationship during their college days. However, they eventually decided to part ways, and she eventually tied the knot with Jisshu Sengupta’s character in the show.

Kajol and Aly Khan open up about the kissing scene

Years later, when Alyy’s character’s husband becomes entangled in a criminal case, Alyy’s character, who still harbors feelings for her, makes an unexpected appearance. As sparks begin to fly, Kajol’s character is torn between her husband and which leads to the kiss.

Alyy Khan has spoken openly about his kissing scene with Kajol in The Trial. He said it was filmed in a posh hotel, and that the director offered to have a closed set to ensure their privacy. Khan noted that both he and Kajol felt comfortable and confident during the filming, and that they were happy with the final result.
There was no shame or hesitation – just professionalism and a shared goal of getting the scene right. After they were done, they looked at the monitors and checked that they were both satisfied with the take.

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