Kashayam for hair: Here’s how this Ayurvedic formula is significant in decreasing hair fall and hair breakage


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ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Kashayam, commonly known as Kadha or Kwath, is one of the five most basic forms of Ayurvedic medicine preparation which is prepared by boiling coarsely ground herbs with water. Be it making tea decoction to start the day or barley water for losing weight, there are various types of Kashayams.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Zeel Gandhi, BAMS in-house Ayurvedic doctor at Vedix, explained, “Water soluble active ingredients in the herbs are drawn into the water by the process of boiling. In this decoction, water extract is then used for various purposes. It can be used both internally and externally. External use of Kashayam can be compared to water-based serums that are loaded with various active principles of botanical and chemical origin.”

According to him, the origin of the word ‘serum’ is traced back to the Sanskrit word Sarah: that flows. He said, “It is majorly recognized as a water-based delivery method of active principles for hair benefits. The motive of formulating this product is to deliver contracted actives that get easily absorbed in the cells. Water-based products have better absorption in the superficial layers of the skin and through the skin pores. Serums generally target a hair problem by providing nutrients, detoxifying harmful metabolites and sometimes simply encouraging blood flow to super nourish the roots.”

Suggesting that serum should be applied on a clean and dry scalp for maximum absorption, he insisted, “Hair serum is a powerful way to deliver everything your hair needs to remain healthy. Hair goals and needs are different for every individual. Regular use of serum customized based on your needs can help prevent hair problems It can make the immune to pollution, sun damage, aging, hormonal stress, and styling.”

He advised, “For hair that is lush and gleaming with health, an effective routine is a must. Start with oiling the hair. Follow this with a mask and shampoo. Finish gently with a conditioner and cool water to seal the cuticles. Once the hair is dry and clean apply the water-based serum for maximum efficacy.”


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