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A small town boy with the sparkle in his eyes on the way to make it big. Jasjot Bhasin from Nagpur started his career as a model . He had been a part of Nagpur Fresh face in 2016
Herculis like physique and fitness expert just wanted to enter the big B world. As we all know life in Mumbai is all about money, you know the all the famous stories of ‘
struggle period ‘, Jasjot also has the sheer story of his own challenges right from the loosing a father at the early age to the point where he saw his mother struggled hard to make his dream come true. A powerful woman who built her kids like an Iron man . This also makes his mother as his truest inspiration. Person who he live upto every day.
Coming to Mumbai was not so long wait, He pursued his second passion fitness first grabbed money and came to Mumbai and guess what ? He bagged a Dharma film first and then an RSVP film. Woohh!! What a victory!! Call it a beginners luck or hard work paid off. This is definitely not everyone gets it so easily even we all know that. After that there is no looking back several TV shows like Imlie for Disney hotstar and star plus , Sasural Genda Phool and name a few.

Jasjot Bhasin

Bhasin has been rocking right from doing a lead with ‘Shemaroo’ channel, add films, digital adds which continues to make his light glow even more shining. Bhasin has a very unique point of view on his craft “Mere liye acting ek therapy hai, I always get astonished about different characters and go by how it functions on a human level, and hence learn from it… I live everyday every second learning and imagining a best version of myself” Says Mr. Bhasin. He adds by saying “performing art gives me a chance to connect truest state of myself which gives me a space to perform every character with detailing. Observe, learn, shine are the three dictums I live by”.

Jasjot Bhasin soon to be seen in a big film once again alongside good star cast with quite a relevant Character. Rumours also says this collaboration in a film will show his unique side of spiritual world through point view of a director whose films we have already watched on an Ott platforms.

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