Knowing About A Beautiful Journey Of Neha Singh


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As children, everyone has a dream at least once to see themselves achieving big milestones on screens. But not everyone achieves it, but some people make it happen by working as hard as they can. no matter where they come from, what are their roots. nobody could stop them from following their passion for making films and giving their own angle to the cinema. One of such people is Neha Singh, a 32-year-old girl who started building her career as a Chief Assistant Director in 2011 with the project “NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD”.

Coming from town named Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, this 32-year-old Associate Director (in current) is busy carving a name for herself in the entertainment film industry. From the early days of her college, she was busy thriving herself in Film and TV productions. from the commencing of her career till now she had made herself and her family proud after her work. she has played a valuable role as Chief Assistant Director in 3 projects, NEEM NEEM SHAHAD SHAHAD, AFSAR BITIYA, EK GHAR BANAUNGA. Associate Director in many projects namely- SAATHIYA, SASURAL SIMAR KA, MAID IN INDIA, KHEJDI, PRITHVI VALLABH, TENALI RAMA, VIGHNAHARTA GANESHA, JHANSI KI RANI, ALIF LAILA, NAGKANYa, SHAADI MUBARAK, AKHBAR BIRBAL, UDAARIYAN. she also highlighted her name as Associate Director in the music video ISHAARA. this all started with her internship in NEO SPORTS, MUMBAI (2010), and WILDERNESS FILMS (2011). for now, she is looking forward to rising and shining her name in many upcoming projects as well. She Did a wonderful ad with Flipkart and coordinate with actor and crew. She was also a associate director of a movie “khejdi”, which is being nominated on several platforms. she is currently living in Mumbai and making her every dream come true.


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