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Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue Movie Review – Mission Raniganj compels you to seek refuge from the cacophonous bad acting and unsettling apathy.

Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue Movie: Story: Based on a true-life rescue mission from 1989, this film pays tribute to the late Jaswant Singh Gill, who heroically saved 65 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine in Raniganj, West Bengal.

Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue Movie Review: The Mahabir colliery in Raniganj faced a tragic event on November 13, 1989. While conducting blasts to extract coal, the underground water table ruptured under immense pressure, unleashing a torrent of water that endangered the lives of 65 trapped miners.

As time raced against them and conventional methods failed, engineer Jaswant Singh Gill (portrayed by Akshay Kumar) proposed a daring plan: drilling a well and deploying a specially designed rescue capsule. In the face of a lack of cranes and corruption within Coal India, the film depicts how Gill and his team of courageous experts saved all 65 miners, one by one, using this innovative capsule.

Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue Movie Review

Review: The film, based on real events, pays homage to India’s unsung hero Jaswant Singh Gill and his remarkable rescue mission in Raniganj in 1989. While the premise holds immense potential to delve into the human psyche and behavior during life-threatening situations, “Mission Raniganj” falls short of expectations.

In recent years, Akshay Kumar’s movies have followed a formulaic pattern: a Punjabi wedding song, brief scenes with the heroine, a slow-motion entry, and a heroic ending where he is hailed as the savior. This lack of diversity in his roles is concerning. “Mission Raniganj” fails to explore Gill’s character beyond basic internet research, missing an opportunity to create a deeper connection with the audience.

The first half of the film feels abrupt and lacks imagination. Character development is minimal, making it challenging to empathize with them later on. Poor production values and visual effects further diminish the film’s impact. The depiction of the impending water disaster in the mine lacks authenticity, and supporting performances often come across as exaggerated. Even veteran actor Ravi Kishan succumbs to melodrama. The gravity of the situation fails to translate into meaningful conversations.


The film gains momentum in the second half when it finally becomes more sincere and watchable. However, it is burdened by one-dimensional villains that seem out of place in a rescue thriller.

An evacuation thriller has the potential to be engaging, nerve-wracking, and a testament to human resilience. Netflix’s “Thai Cave Rescue,” for instance, successfully engaged viewers emotionally by investing in each character’s fate. “Mission Raniganj,” unfortunately, falls short of achieving this level of connection. Director Tinu Suresh Desai’s film is marked by its loud and melodramatic tone, often evoking indifference rather than reverence.

While the portrayal of a heroic rescue mission is commendable, the film’s execution lacks depth and emotional resonance. To truly convey the sentiment and significance of such a brave rescue attempt, it takes more than good intentions; it requires a nuanced approach and a commitment to storytelling.

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