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OMG 2 – Censor Board Bans Akshay Kumar’s Film “OMG 2” for Depicting Shiva’s Rudrabhishek Using Railway Water

The recent unveiling of the teaser for the highly anticipated movie “OMG 2” featuring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi has sparked a firestorm of debate across social media platforms. Specifically, a particular scene portraying the anointing of Lord Shiva with train water has triggered a wave of criticism, leading to a public outcry. Consequently, the Censor Board has withheld the film from receiving certification for release, resulting in the movie being forwarded to a review committee for further evaluation.

The teaser, which was released by the filmmakers, showcases Akshay Kumar in the role of Lord Shiva, while Pankaj Tripathi portrays a devoted follower. The teaser makes it clear that, much like its predecessor, the movie delves into the fascinating dynamic between divinity and humanity. Although some individuals lauded the teaser on social media, there were others who vehemently objected to the scene depicting the anointing of Lord Shiva. These critics argue that this particular portrayal has deeply wounded their sentiments. Religion holds a significant place in society, and any depiction of deities or religious figures is expected to be handled with the utmost care and respect. It is not uncommon for films or creative works to face criticism or backlash when religious sentiments are perceived to be disregarded or violated. In this instance, the objection centers on the belief that anointing Lord Shiva with train water is disrespectful and sacrilegious.

The controversy surrounding the film has intensified as the Censor Board has chosen not to grant it certification for release. The board’s decision reflects its apprehensions about the potential impact of the movie on religious sentiments and the potential to incite further unrest. By referring the film to the review committee, a thorough assessment will be conducted to determine the validity of the objections raised and whether any modifications should be implemented prior to granting it a certification for release.


It is of utmost importance for filmmakers to exercise caution and sensitivity when handling religious subjects or characters, ensuring that unintentional offense or hurt to sentiments is avoided. While creative freedom is vital, it must be balanced with a responsibility to respect and honor the beliefs of individuals and communities. The ongoing controversy surrounding “OMG 2” serves as a reminder of the need for a thoughtful and conscientious approach when addressing religious themes in artistic expressions.

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