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Raid on director Najeem Koya news is a ‘conspiracy’ claims Kerala film body FEFKA

The Film Employees Federation of Kerala has slammed the excise raid on director Najeem Koya, calling it conspiracy news.

FEFKA, the supreme organization comprising 19 film associations ranging from drivers to directors, expressed their strong displeasure regarding the way Excise officials carried out raid news in director Najeem Koya hotel room. The incident took place on Monday night at a hotel in Eratupettah, Kottayam district, where Koya and his team were staying. FEFKA’s General Secretary, B. Unnikrishnan, stated to the media that the conduct of the Excise officials was extremely condemnable.

Unnikrishnan said, “They seemed to have begun the search based on some information, and their behavior made it appear as if they had made a significant discovery. We have already lodged a complaint with the Chief Minister. We are not against adhering to regulations, but it should be done in a fair manner.”

Koya mentioned that the group of approximately 15 to 20 Excise officials treated him as if he were a criminal. He stated, “I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, but they had a biased attitude, assuming I had drugs and demanding to know where I had hidden them. I was anxiously following the officials who were inspecting my room and belongings. I was genuinely afraid they might falsely implicate me, so I was chasing after them like a frantic person. They treated me very harshly.”

Koya, who is an actor, writer, and director, mentioned, “After a rigorous search that lasted for more than two and a half hours, they advised me to be cautious.”

FEFKA raised concerns over the raid, claiming it was a deliberate act orchestrated as part of a conspiracy. They expressed their dissatisfaction as the raid team neglected to inspect the rooms of other film personalities who were also staying there. Unnikrishnan, visibly upset, stated, “Only Koya was singled out.”

This raid took place during a time when, in April, the prominent figures in the Malayalam film industry expressed grave concern about the increasing presence of drugs within the industry. This led State Minister of Culture and Films, Saji Cherian, to express his deep shock, stating that the government will thoroughly investigate the matter. He also announced plans to organize a meeting, inviting all relevant individuals in the industry to address the issue.

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