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Skanda Movie Review: Ram Pothineni and Boyapati Srinu’s Movie Exhibits Predictability Thus Far. 2024

Skanda Movie Review: Following the success of the Balakrishna-starrer “Akhanda,” director Boyapati Srinu is back with the high-energy Ram Pothineni-starrer “Skanda.”

Skanda Movie Review

Skanda Movie Story:

In “Skanda,” the plot revolves around a girl held hostage and her father falsely confessing to crimes he didn’t commit. A determined man takes on the responsibility of fulfilling his father’s promise and delivering justice for them.

Skanda Movie Review

“Skanda,” directed by Boyapati Srinu, offers a whirlwind of events, seemingly designed to divert your attention from the fact that it rehashes the familiar tale of revenge. Bursting with characters and accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack, the film rarely provides you with a moment to reflect, which can be both a positive and a negative aspect.

The story kicks off with the strong friendship between AP CM Rayudu (Ajay Purkar) and TS CM Ranjith Reddy (Sharath Lohithaswa) until their children decide to elope. Their bruised egos dictate subsequent events.

Rudrakanti Ramakrishna Raju (Srikanth) is a successful tycoon who falsely admits to crimes to ensure the safety of his daughter Parineeta (Saiee Manjrekar). His friend (Daggubati Raja) has a plan.

Meanwhile, a student (Ram Pothineni) seemingly unaware of his classmate’s identity (Sreeleela) keeps clashing with her. The intersection of these characters forms the crux of the story.

True to Boyapati Srinivas’s style, “Skanda” is testosterone-charged, emphasizing the significance of family and friendship, portraying women as pawns for revenge and negotiation, demonstrating various stylish ways to defeat thugs, and showering the protagonist with god-like dialogues.

The film’s first half attempts sporadic humor and takes its time before the interval. However, the pre-interval and climax scenes suggest that Boyapati is more focused on setting up a sequel (yes, there’s a “Skanda 2”) than on the current storyline.


“Skanda” shines when viewed as a story of friendship and how decisions made by two groups of friends set events in motion. It’s also enjoyable to watch Ram’s effortless handling of a bovine and his chemistry with Sreeleela in dance sequences.

However, the film becomes excessively chaotic with a multitude of characters popping in and out of the frame, often introducing new characters when convenient. Thaman’s score, though impactful in certain scenes, tends to be excessively loud. The dialogues often unintentionally amuse.

Ram Pothineni carries the film, though it’s essentially an old wine in a new bottle. He comfortably fits into his character, leaving you wondering why he doesn’t receive more screen time. His on-screen presence is commendable. Sreeleela dances gracefully and matches Ram’s energy, but she struggles in emotional scenes, as does Saiee Manjrekar. The remaining cast makes the best of their roles.

“Skanda” isn’t a film that invites logical scrutiny, but when it relies primarily on Ram and a few action sequences, there’s limited entertainment value left to offer.

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