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Thank You For Coming Movie Review: A Hilarious Yet Meaningful Comedy

Thank You For Coming Movie Review: Story: In Thank You For Coming Movie narrative of self-discovery, a die-hard romantic at 32 years old reluctantly embraces an arranged marriage after a string of failed relationships. To her engagement ceremony, she extends invitations to her former lovers, and over the course of an eventful and inebriated night, she encounters her first orgasm.

This transformative evening becomes a voyage of self-reflection and an exploration of love and female satisfaction.

Thank You For Coming Movie Review

Thank You For Coming Movie Review: Director Karan Boolani’s film revolves around Kanika Kapoor (played by Bhumi Pednekar), a 32-year-old woman in pursuit of a partner who can fulfill her desires in the bedroom. Her quest proving fruitless, she begins to view herself as flawed.

Weary of the disparaging labels and convinced that a fairytale romance eludes her, Kanika decides to marry a successful but ordinary man. Will she ultimately find her prince charming, someone who will sweep her off her feet and satisfy her desires? As the story unfolds, she grapples with confusion during a pivotal event at her pre-engagement ceremony (roka), prompting her to question who is truly the right match for her: one of her former lovers or her fiancé?

Radhika Anand and Prashasti Singh’s narrative extends beyond mere sexual comedy, tackling issues like peer pressure and the societal expectation that women should resign themselves to not experiencing orgasm—a topic seldom broached in public discourse. It broaches these sensitive subjects while maintaining an ultra-glamorous and humorous tone.


At times, the Thank You For Coming Movie evokes frustration when it highlights the challenges faced by nearly everyone—from teenagers like Kanika’s best friend Tina Das’s daughter to even mature, independent women like her mother, Dr. Kapoor (Natasha Rastogi). The Thank You For Coming Movie also boasts witty one-liners such as “GST nahin, apni maang bhar” (not GST, but fill your own hairline) and Kanika’s penchant for falling for men of all ages, from “wheelchair to pram.”

Bhumi Pednekar is impeccably cast as a woman who has inherited her mother’s strength and feminist spirit, though she may not be fully aware of it. She embodies the archetype of someone plagued by self-doubt who is unwavering in her standards. While her former lovers remind her of her inner strength, it seems mostly latent, surfacing in fleeting moments.

Her best friends, portrayed by Dolly Singh and Shibani Bedi, provide both humor and emotional depth to their roles. Kusha Kapila, in her portrayal of one of the quintessential “mean girls,” excels in her brief appearance. Anil Kapoor’s performance as Kanika’s significantly older former lover, who happens to be a devoted fan of Gulzar, is a delightful addition. Shehnaaz Gill shines as a confident young woman who openly advocates for a woman’s pursuit of pleasure.

QARAN and Hanita Bhambri deliver a captivating soundtrack, with a standout being the redux of Sunita Rao’s “Pari Hoon Main,” featuring Sushant Divgikar—a song impeccably executed.

While often risqué in its content, the film conveys the message of self-love through female satisfaction. This Thank You For Coming Movie sexually charged comedy offers an entertaining journey and is a must-watch for its daring and seldom-explored theme in our cinema.

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