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As the popular saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Laying the foundations of and building great worthwhile things takes time and energy.
But one only has so much time to give and so much energy to spend.
This is where the secret ingredient of success comes in – dedication. Without dedication, even the most experienced climber will give up at the base camp, it takes dedication to climb up to the top.
Meet Suraj Yadav , India’s prodigal meme account owner. The 18-year-old from Mumbai runs the , @stud.buddies , @ 18plusmale @adultzi and more account on Instagram.

He is now Mumbai top memer .
While many may just see an account admin and owner as someone who posts on Instagram, the behind the scenes are much more intense.
Memes have to be in step with current trends and sense of humour while maintaining a unique brand identity. Curating and creating content all by oneself is a task that requires a lot of creative bandwidth.
Adding the ever-changing Instagram algorithm into the mix creates additional hurdles. Instagram notoriously changes their algorithm without any information – they don’t tell anyone when they’ll change it, or what changes they have made. This 18 yrs old lad also doing studies and earning around 5 lakh rupee’s per month
This severely affects how one gains followers and generates interaction. Seeing slow growth can be a very disheartening experience for someone who pours their heart and soul into their content.
However, Suraj always manages to keep an optimistic outlook and see past all these bumps on the road. He takes things in a stride and crosses all hurdles.
He currently has 2 million followers on Instagram and his memes attract more and more followers every day. Suraj Yadav is Mumbai biggest meme account owner and set to be the biggest meme accounts in India.
He practices what he preaches, and tells everyone to follow their heart and remain patient.


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