Iconic 'Doge Meme' Canine,Passes Away at Age 12 

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Kp Panchal

Named Balltze, the 12-year-old Shiba Inu was bravely fighting cancer and had been receiving treatment for the past several months.

"On August 18th, Ball Ball peacefully passed away. He left us on a Friday morning while undergoing his final thoracentesis surgery."

They also encouraged individuals not to dwell in sadness, but to cherish the happiness that Balltze had spread throughout the world.

The owners also mentioned that people donated money for Baltz and his treatment. Now, the money will go to a local animal charity.

A sarcastic user commented, "It's a very sad day. I've been a fan of Chimes for the last 5 years and it's sad to see that Ballatze Hans has passed."