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Yaariyan 2 Review: A drama that explores the relationship between cousins, offering a decent portrayal despite some fragmentation in the storyline

Yaariyan 2 Review: Story: Yaariyan 2 presents a poignant narrative centered on the transformative journey of three cousins hailing from Shimla who embark on a life-altering adventure in Mumbai. In the heart of this bustling metropolis, they grapple with life’s trials, heartbreaks, and personal growth.

Yaariyan 2 Review: The story revolves around Laadli Chhiber (Divya Khosla Kumar), Shikhar Randhawa (Meezaan Jafri), and Bajrang, affectionately known as Bajju (Pearl V Puri). These close-knit cousins have willingly set aside their aspirations to fulfill their parents’ expectations, playfully referred to as “repaying the nappy-changer’s debt.” Their journey to Mumbai is a leap into the unknown, where they encounter diverse challenges.

Yaariyan 2 Review

Laadli finds herself in a loveless marriage with Abhay Singh Katyal (Yash Daasguptaa), Shikhar faces a lifetime ban from bike racing amidst a broken family, and Bajju is trapped in a corporate job with an exacting boss. Despite these formidable odds, the “cousins by blood but friends by choice” engage in lighthearted escapades and unwaveringly support each other when confronted with personal crises.

Directed and penned by the talented duo of Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, the film’s strength lies in its portrayal of the cousins’ bond and friendship. However, the narrative could have benefited from a more focused and tighter storyline. While the film recurrently touches on the theme of parents’ unreasonable expectations, it doesn’t delve deeper into this issue. The story explores how Laadli, Shikhar, and Bajju’s lives change under parental pressures but leaves the underlying issue unresolved.

The plot takes various detours, introducing multiple storylines, such as the loss of loved ones, break-ups, and the individual character development of the three main protagonists. These additional tracks, while contributing depth, lengthen the film and distract the viewer’s attention as it shifts from one character and storyline to another. The backstories of the characters, apart from the main leads, also feel somewhat predictable.

The performances by Divya Khosla Kumar and newcomers Meezaan Jafri and Pearl V Puri shine in their portrayal of the cousins’ camaraderie and friendship, whether in moments of light-hearted fun, conflicts, or unwavering support. Yash Daasguptaa’s depiction of a somber husband who accepts his vivacious and fun-loving wife adds depth to the story.


The film also features Anaswara Rajan as Shikhar’s love interest, who plays the role of a bright but differently-abled girl with finesse. The movie’s soundtrack is a standout, featuring catchy tunes from the wedding song, “Saure Ghar,” to the soul-stirring “Simroon Tera Naam” and the energetic club track “Peene De.” The inclusion of bike races infuses action into this otherwise romantic drama.

“Yaariyan 2” offers a blend of romance and drama, making it appealing to fans of both genres. However, a more tightly woven narrative could have enhanced the overall engagement and impact of the film.

Yaariyan 2 Cast and Budget

Divya Khosla Kumar as Laadli Chibber/Laadli Singh Katyal, Yash Dasgupta as Abhay Singh Katyal, Pearl V Puri as Bajrang Das Khatri aka Bajju, Meezaan Jafri as Shikhar Randhawa, Anaswara Rajan as Ikrooh Awasthi, Bhagyashree Bose as Raajlaxmi, Warina Hussain as Shona, air hostess, Priya Prakash Varrier as Devi, Lillete Dubey as Mrs. Chibber, Laadli’s mother, Murali Sharma as Raajlaxmi’s father, Pyumori Mehta Ghosh as Raajlaxmi’s mother, Usha Subramanian Saksena as as Abhay’s mother.

Manasi Moghe as Laadli’s Friend, Dance partner in the song “Suit Patiala”, Sudhir Pandey as Bajju’s office Boss, Akshit Sukhija as Singer, Loved Laadli since childhood, Dance partner in the song “Suit Patiyala”, Sakshi Pradhan as Ikrooh’s sister, female locopilot, Rituraj Singh as Shikhar’s team member, Harman Baweja as member of the opposing team and Shikhar’s rival, Saarrh Kkashyap as Shona’s boyfriend.

Yaariyan 2 Budget: 25 Crores

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