Darran Chhoo Movie Review: Struggling to strike a balance between its noble aspirations and humor within its extended duration

Darran Chhoo Movie Review

Darran Chhoo Movie Review: Story: Manav Awasthi, weary from life’s relentless game of hide and seek, teeters on the brink of self-destruction. In the eleventh hour, a timely intervention by Jugaadu rescues him from the abyss. Jugaadu imparts invaluable advice, urging Manav to create a meaningful legacy for his loved ones before contemplating the dark path once more.

Darran Chhoo Movie Review

Darran Chhoo Movie Review: ‘Darran Chhoo’ is a film that embarks with noble intentions, aiming to ignite discussions about life’s trials and tribulations and how individuals cope with them. Despite its benevolent objectives, the film falters in execution, leaving much to be desired. Stretching over a lengthy 134 minutes, ‘Darran Chhoo’ often feels like an uphill climb, making the viewing experience strenuous and challenging. The film suffers from a lack of a clever screenplay and an unnecessarily extended duration. While its intentions are praiseworthy, the film struggles to effectively engage its audience.

Darran Chhoo Movie Plot

The story centers on Manav Awasthi (Karan Patel), a man grappling with the elusive nature of his existence. From his career to his romantic prospects, nothing seems to be falling into place. Just as he contemplates ending it all by leaping into a lake, he’s spared in the nick of time by Jugaadu (Ashutosh Rana).

Jugaadu imparts wisdom, urging Manav to leave a lasting legacy for his family, advocating for life and ‘death’ insurance before considering self-destruction once more. Manav diligently strives to secure a future for his loved ones, but his efforts yield unexpected outcomes. As the deadline for his contemplated suicide approaches, an unforeseen twist in Manav’s life prompts him to reconsider, but reneging proves to be a formidable decision.

In his debut film role, TV actor Karan Patel delivers a respectable performance. While the story primarily revolves around his character, it falls short of going the extra mile. Ashutosh Rana, portraying Jugaadu, emerges as the standout performer, infusing the film with a redemptive quality. Regrettably, the same cannot be said for Manoj Joshi, who, in the role of Manav’s father, appears as a caricature, failing to elicit the intended laughter from the audience.

‘Darran Chhoo’ positions itself as a comedy but stumbles when it comes to delivering genuine humor. The film lacks authentic comedic moments, and its attempts to elicit laughter often feel contrived and fall flat. Scenes featuring Manav’s school-going brother’s misguided infatuation with ‘Bhabhiji’ are meant to be comical but come across as crude and unrefined.


The film’s noble message about confronting life’s failures head-on becomes buried under the weight of an inflated runtime and a lackluster script. The comedic elements, intended to be the film’s saving grace, feel forced and underwhelming. While TV actor Karan Patel’s debut performance is praiseworthy, the film’s potential remains largely untapped. In an era of concise storytelling and impactful narratives, ‘Darran Chhoo’ feels like a missed opportunity.

Darran Chhoo Movie Cast & Budget

cast: Karan Patel, Manoj Joshi, Saanand Verma, Ashutosh Rana, Amit dolawat, Smriti Karla, Kiran Bhargava, and more.

Budget- Rs 5Cr

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