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Ghuspaith Between Borders Review: Amit Sadh’s Short Film Offers a Riveting Narrative

Ghuspaith Between Borders Review: Story: This short film narrates the tale of Manav, a photojournalist operating in a nation afflicted by militancy and a severe refugee crisis.

Ghuspaith Between Borders Review:

Ghuspaith: Between Borders Review: Review: Crafted and directed by Mihir Lath, ‘Ghuspaith–Beyond Borders’ draws inspiration from the life and work of Danish Siddiqui, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist who tragically lost his life in 2021 while reporting on the confrontations between the Taliban and Afghan Special Forces. This concise film effectively captures the core of the perilous and often heart-wrenching mission that journalists embark upon to unveil the truth to the world.

Manav’s story, convincingly portrayed by Amit Sadh, serves as the film’s centerpiece. His journey, alongside his rescued comrades, as they navigate treacherous borders and confront menacing Mujahideen bandits, vividly illustrates the dangers faced by those chronicling such crises. The climax, infused with suspense and tension, is masterfully executed and leaves a lasting impact on the audience.


Within its brief half-hour duration, the film efficiently delves into various facets of the conflict, encompassing illegal cattle trade, smuggling, and human trafficking. This multifaceted approach adds depth to the storyline, providing a comprehensive perspective on the challenges encountered in these war-torn regions.

The performances of the cast, notably Amit Sadh, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Pamela Bhutoria, are praiseworthy. They breathe life into their characters, eliciting empathy from the audience for their struggles and dilemmas.


In conclusion, ‘Ghuspaith–Beyond Borders’ is a poignant and thought-provoking cinematic work that pays homage to the dedication and sacrifices of journalists like Danish Siddiqui. It sheds light on the plight of individuals caught in the crossfire of conflict and underscores the significance of documenting these narratives. This short film merits acclaim and is unquestionably a must-watch for its compelling storytelling and impactful performances.

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