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Why did ICC shift T20 WorldCup from West Indies and USA to England?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is planning to shift the location of the 2024 T20 WorldCup from West Indies and the USA to England. This is because the infrastructure for international matches in the USA is not suitable, so the ICC has decided to make this change. Whereas, England might also exchange their hosting rights for the 2030 T20 World Cup with West Indies and the USA, along with Scotland and Ireland.

The T20 World Cup 2024 was originally planned to take place in West Indies and the USA. However, a recent report suggests that there might be a change in the venue. According to CricketNext, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is considering shift the T20 WorldCup from West Indies and the USA to England. The reason behind this consideration is the insufficient cricket infrastructure in both the USA and West Indies.

According to a source close to the developments, there is a situation where the current infrastructure in the USA is not favorable. As a result, there is a possibility that the ICC might switch hosts for the 2024 and 2030 editions of the event. This decision would give USA Cricket the opportunity to improve its infrastructure before the 2030 edition and make necessary improvements overall.

Currently, England, Ireland, and Scotland have the rights to host the 2030 T20 World Cup. However, there is a possibility that the ICC might request West Indies and the USA host the 2030 edition instead. In this scenario, Europe could then become the host of the T20 World Cup the following year.

Preparing the venues will be rushed, as England, who already received the 2030 World Cup, has the ability to host it in June-July, unlike other nations.

According to a former official of USA Cricket, the country is currently not prepared with the venues for the T20 World Cup.

“Where will you host it? I can tell you that during the ICC site visits which happened recently, many parks, free spaces with some green cover to be precise, were being explored to have a modular set-up in place for the World Cup. Modular stands and everything else is also modular in nature. But it’s going to be one hell of a task to even pull that off and even if they do, not entirely sure whether it would meet ICC standards. There are a lot of ICC checklists for a venue and I highly doubt the modular or the makeshift venues will make the cut,” according to a cricket administrator who has previously served USA Cricket and remains closely involved, this individual is keeping a close eye on the current situation.

In addition to the T20 World Cup, there have been recent reports about administrative problems in USA Cricket. Dr. Atul Rai, who previously served as the interim chairman, was replaced by Kuljit Singh Nijjar in April.

Vinay Bhimjiani stepped down as CEO after holding the position for five months, and the board is currently searching for a suitable replacement.

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