MAGGIE MOORE(S) REVIEW: The performances infuse vitality into this uneven film, drawing inspiration from the Coen Brothers’ signature style


 MAGGIE MOORE(S) Review: Story: When two women sharing strikingly similar names meet a tragic end within the span of a week, it thrusts Police Chief Jordan Sanders into a perplexing mystery. Alongside his trusty deputy, the responsibility to unravel this enigma falls squarely on their shoulders.


 MAGGIE MOORE(S) Review: ‘Maggie Moore(s)’ possesses several captivating elements— an intriguing premise, an assortment of quirky characters, and a quaint small-town setting. However, it falters in harnessing the momentum usually associated with a murder mystery. This film, though not a conventional murder mystery where the audience is in the dark about the perpetrator, maintains a curious twist.

The characters responsible for solving the mystery remain blissfully unaware of the truth. While it appears to embrace the quintessential Coen Brothers’ style, it merely scratches the surface. Director John Slattery, perhaps overwhelmed by the myriad components, struggles to maintain the core narrative.

The movie struggles to establish a deep connection with its events, leaving the audience yearning for more profound engagement. Amidst this shortfall, the film manages to shine through sporadic moments of rollicking chemistry between Jon Hamm’s character and his deputy, Reddy.

Their ceaseless banter and witty one-liners are sure to bring a smile to your face. Additionally, the on-screen dynamic between Jon Hamm and Tina Fey’s characters adds a layer of delightful charm to the film. Nonetheless, these enjoyable elements fall short of substantially advancing the plot. The film, while having the potential for a tense and gripping storyline, suffers due to John Slattery’s laid-back approach, which initially engages but ultimately leads to a narrative regression.


Based on a true incident from 2000, the film commences with Jay Moore (Micah Stock), the operator of a sandwich franchise. Rather than adhering to corporate-approved supplies, Jay opts for cheap, expired products. When Maggie Lee Moore (Louisa Krause), his wife, discovers his involvement with child pornography received from an unscrupulous supplier, she decides to end their marriage. Fearing her possible revelations to the authorities, Jay hires a contract killer named Kosco (Happy Anderson) to intimidate her.

Tragically, events take a dark turn, culminating in Maggie’s demise inside her burning car. This grim incident propels Police Chief Jordan Sanders (Jon Hamm) and his trusty deputy, Reddy (Nick Mohammed), to initiate their investigation. As another woman named Maggie (Mary Holland) meets a similar fate within a week, not far from the scene of the first crime, the situation grows increasingly convoluted.


Jon Hamm, embodying Police Deputy Roger Sanders, delivers a nuanced and controlled performance, standing out as one of the film’s highlights. His portrayal diverges significantly from the stereotypical police officer, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections over physical intimacy. Nick Mohammed, portraying Deputy Reddy, provides exceptional support to Hamm’s character, injecting witty humor that lightens the film’s overall tone. Tina Fey, as the neighbor and love interest of the culprit, leaves a commendable mark with her performance.

The pacing in ‘Maggie Moore(s)’ is somewhat uneven. However, the remarkable character performances bring cohesion to the narrative. The film’s beginning may feel protracted, but once Jon Hamm and Nick Mohammed take the stage, it exudes a vibrant energy.

The director succeeds in capturing the camaraderie, warmth, and humor between Hamm and Mohammed. The mature portrayal of the romance between Hamm and Tina Fey’s characters adds to the film’s appeal. ‘Maggie Moore(s)’ can be best described as a partially baked Coen Brothers-style flick, only managing to capture some of their signature charm. Fortunately, it finds redemption through outstanding performances.

 Maggie Moore (S) Movie Cast & Budget

Jon Hamm as Jordan Sanders, Tina Fey as Rita Grace, Micah Stock as Jay Moore, Nick Mohammed as Deputy Reddy, Happy Anderson as Kosco, Mary Holland as Maggie Lee, Nicholas Azarian as Greg, Louisa Krause as Maggie Moore, Derek Basco as Tommy T, Christopher Denham as Andy Moore, Tate Ellington as Duane Rich, Bobbi Kitten as Cassie Novak.

Budget- $15 Million.

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