Mandali Movie Review : This film keeps the simplicity of Munshi Premchand’s characters vibrant on the silver screen

Mandali Movie Review

Mandali Movie Review: Story: Purushottam Choubey and his cousin, Sitaram Choubey, received training to participate in Ramleela, all thanks to the guidance of Sitaram’s father, Ramsevak. However, when one of the Ramleela performances unexpectedly gets canceled due to a mistake made by Sitaram, it triggers a dramatic twist in Purushottam’s life.

Mandali Movie Review: Adapted from a short story by the renowned Munshi Premchand, this film authentically captures the essence of the characters and events commonly found in his narratives. It’s a respectable watch that preserves the honesty of its source material while translating it onto the screen. In the end, it touches the viewer with the simplicity of its storytelling and characters. “Mandali” is a decent watch, shedding light on a fading art form and its enduring significance to those committed to preserving this tradition.

Mandali Movie Review

The story revolves around Purushottam Choubey (played by Abhishek Duhan), a resident of Mathura. He and his cousin, Sitaram Choubey (played by Ashwath Bhatt), are the lead performers in a Ramleela troupe, under the guidance of Sitaram’s father, Ramsevak Choubey (portrayed by Vineet Kumar).

However, chaos ensues when one of the Ramleela shows is abruptly canceled after Sitaram is coerced into consuming drugs by a local policeman. Overwhelmed by humiliation and guilt, Ramsevak disbands the troupe. Purushottam challenges this decision and decides to strike out on his own, taking on the role of Laxman in other troupes. During this time, he meets Bunty (played by Aanchal Munjal) and develops a fondness for her.

Despite initial challenges posed by Omkar Singh (portrayed by Rajniesh), the son of the local Member of Parliament, Purushottam manages to win her heart and eventually marries her. When he ultimately decides to form his own troupe, the path ahead is filled with challenges.

Mandali Movie Plot

The charm of “Mandali” lies in its storytelling. Despite budget constraints, the filmmakers have done a commendable job of bringing Premchand’s story to life on the big screen. While it may have its occasional flaws, they are easily overshadowed by the film’s strengths. The narrative initially appears to focus on Sitaram, but it takes a significant turn toward Purushottam about thirty minutes into the film. After this shift, Sitaram and his father play more peripheral roles. The film’s dialogues authentically capture the essence of Mathura, adding to the overall genuineness of the story.

Abhishek Duhan, in the role of Purushottam Choubey, delivers a heartfelt performance. He effectively portrays his helplessness and subservience when dealing with the son of the local MP and undergoes a gradual transformation as the film progresses. Vineet Kumar, playing the role of Mahant Ramsevak, excels in a character he has embodied multiple times in the past. Rajneish, as Omkar Singh, exudes a menacing and cruel demeanor.


“Mandali” doesn’t overburden the viewer’s intellect, and if you come from the northern regions of India and understand the cultural significance of Ramleela, you’ll likely find it enjoyable. The film unfolds like a classic DD serial from the late ’80s and early ’90s, reminiscent of those that drew inspiration from literary giants. It’s a simple film that leaves you with a smile when the credits roll.

Mandali Movie Cast And Budget

Rajneesh Duggal, Aanchal Munjal, Abhishek Duhan, Vineet Kumar, Brijendra Kala, Ashwath Bhatt, Kanwaljit Singh, Saharsh Kumar Shukla, Alka Amin, Bhasha Sumbli, Neeraj Sood, Vijay Kumar, Mark Arvind, Krish Gupta, Sandeepan Vimalkant Nagar, Ashok Tripathi

Budget: Rs 6 Cr

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