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PM Modi looking in rear-view mirror while driving a car, that’s why the car crashed… Rahul Gandhi from US

Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Modi and said that the Congress party did not hold the British responsible for the train accidents that occurred while they were in power.

During a gathering of the Indian diaspora in New York, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed that his party did not blame the British for the train accidents that occurred during their governance. Instead, the responsibility was taken by the ministers. Rahul Gandhi criticizing the BJP and the RSS gave the example that PM Modi looks in the rear-view mirror while driving a car, focusing on the past instead of looking into the future. He mentioned that whenever questioned about the cause of a train accident or the removal of certain subjects from textbooks, their response is often to point fingers at Congress for actions taken many years ago. Their immediate reaction, according to Rahul Gandhi, is to dwell on the past. Read Also: 261 Dead, 900 Injured After Balasore Train Accident In Odisha

A tragic incident occurred in Odisha’s Balasore, where a collision between three trains resulted in the loss of approximately 270 lives and left many others injured. This is considered one of the deadliest train accidents since India became independent. The accident was caused by a signalling mistake, which caused the Coromandel Express to collide with a goods train and then collide with another passenger train coming from the opposite direction. This incident has raised numerous questions. Rahul Gandhi, speaking on a global platform, addressed this issue and also took the opportunity to discuss the recent controversy surrounding the removal of the periodic table and evolution from textbooks.

PM Modi looking in rear-view mirror

Rahul Gandhi made an analogy during his speech, asking the audience to imagine driving a car while only looking at the rear-view mirror. He compared this to PM Narendra Modi’s approach in governing India, suggesting that Modi focuses too much on the past instead of looking forward. Rahul Gandhi criticized the BJP and the RSS, stating that their discussions and blame games revolve around the past rather than focusing on the future. According to him, they tend to attribute responsibility to others for past events rather than looking for solutions to move the country forward.

Congress never blame British for train accident

Rahul Gandhi mentioned a past train accident that occurred while the Congress party was in power. He highlighted that instead of blaming the British for the crash, the Congress minister took responsibility and resigned from their position. Congress leaders pointed out that this is a problem in their country, as people tend to make excuses rather than accepting the reality they face.

Rahul discusses Mahatma Gandhi vs Godse

Rahul Gandhi, discussing the ideological battle between Congress and the BJP-RSS, drew a comparison to the historical clash between Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse. He described it as a fight between two opposing forces. On one side, there was Mahatma Gandhi, representing strength and progress, while on the other side, there was Nathuram Godse, characterized as violent, angry, and unable to confront the realities of his own life.

Gandhi explained that Godse’s act of shooting Gandhi stemmed from his inability to cope with his own struggles and he directed his anger towards the essence of India. In contrast, Gandhi portrayed Mahatma Gandhi as forward-thinking, modern, and open-minded, focused on the future rather than dwelling in the past. Godse, on the other hand, was driven by anger, hatred, and fear. Gandhi believed that at the core, Godse was a coward who couldn’t face the truth. Furthermore, he highlighted that Mahatma Gandhi confronted the mightiest force at that time, a superpower even more powerful than the present-day United States.

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