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Totally Killer Movie Review: This slasher film doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s a nostalgic and entertaining homage to the 80s.

Totally Killer movie Review:Story: “When the notorious ‘Sweet Sixteen Killer’ makes a chilling return to Vernon, 35 years after the gruesome murders of three young girls, the responsibility falls on Jamie to embark on a time-travel mission aimed at preventing these heinous acts.

Totally Killer Movie Review

Totally Killer movie Review: Review: ‘Totally Killer’ is a cinematic delight that doesn’t demand overthinking; it has a straightforward purpose – to offer an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

This film checks all the right boxes for a perfect Halloween movie night. Combining elements of a slasher film with time-travel, it provides a thrilling ride while paying homage to classics like ‘Back To The Future,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Scream,’ and ‘The Final Girls.’ The screenplay keeps you engrossed and delivers ample doses of spine-tingling moments.

‘Totally Killer’ might fit the label of a B-grade slasher film on paper, but when witnessed on screen, it effortlessly becomes a guilty pleasure that’s hard not to savor.

The time-travel aspect in the film humorously dissects the customs of the 80s, some of which today would be deemed as part of cancel culture. The film skillfully immerses viewers in that era, complete with its off-color jokes and carefree teenage attitudes. It handles the clash of cultures adeptly, offering a movie that’s perfect for a Friday night when you’re looking for a fun time, and one that you can easily leave behind the next morning.


Totally Killer Movie Story

The story unfolds in Vernon, where a killer known as the ‘Sweet Sixteen Killer’ embarks on a killing spree. The number ‘Sixteen’ in the alias signifies the gruesome signature of slashing his victims. The last horrifying incident in Vernon took place in 1987 when three young girls met their gruesome end at the hands of this sadistic killer.

When Pam (Julie Bowen) becomes a victim of the ‘Sweet Sixteen Killer’ on Halloween, her daughter Jamie (Kiernan Shipka) makes the bold decision to journey back in time to thwart the killer and prevent her mother’s impending demise. Transported to 1987, Jamie not only experiences a cultural shock but also gains valuable insights about her loved ones.

Kiernan Shipka, in her portrayal of Jamie, delivers a heartfelt performance as a determined young schoolgirl who stops at nothing to safeguard her loved ones. She infuses the character with a spark of energy and charm, elevating the overall viewing experience. Her character is endearing, and her comedic timing, laced with innocence, is a true standout.

While ‘Totally Killer’ may not be without its flaws upon closer scrutiny, it seems the creators were fully aware of their intentions to craft a film perfectly suited for Halloween festivities. So, simply immerse yourself in the 80s for an hour and a half and relish the delightful journey.”

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