Pyaari Tarawali The True Story Movie Review : A poignant narrative of unmet longings

Pyaari Tarawali The True Story Movie Review

Pyaari Tarawali The True Story Movie Review : A young woman, after enduring two failed marriages, decides to settle down with a kind-hearted, uncomplicated man. Her hope is to finally find a love that goes beyond the mundane chores of married life. However, the yearning for something more, for love and freedom, leads her to take a bold step – she flees her marital home. The pressing question is whether her husband will manage to locate her and bring her back.

Pyaari Tarawali The True Story Movie Review : In this poignant narrative, the film delves into societal expectations placed upon married women, urging them to stifle their desires, and the harsh judgments they face if they dare to seek fulfillment outside the norm. The story revolves around Pyaari (played by Dolly Tomar), who escapes her husband’s household to return to her parents in Berasia, Madhya Pradesh, in pursuit of the simple desires of love and personal freedom.

Pyaari Tarawali The True Story Movie Review

This is the story of Pyaari and her journey out of abusive and unfulfilling marriages, driven by her quest for a fairytale romance. On her third attempt, she seemingly hits the jackpot when she encounters Laxman (played by Rajneesh Dubey), a modest tea stall owner who treats her like royalty. However, as they step into parenthood, the dynamics of their relationship begin to shift. Pyaari, still yearning for the love and freedom she has dreamt of, leaves her home with their daughter. The remaining story is an emotional rollercoaster, revolving around the husband’s heart-wrenching efforts to locate his wife and the burning question of whether he can persuade her to return.

Drawing inspiration from a real-life account, the film underscores the cruelty that society can inflict upon both women and men alike. Pyaari is criticized for her decision to walk away from her troubled marriages, while Laxman faces ridicule for remaining a bachelor well into his late thirties. Although they discover happiness in each other’s company, societal norms and the rigid expectations placed on women prove to be their undoing.

Rajneesh Dubey, both as a writer and director, delivers a commendable performance, though the initial half of the movie tends to drag in places, and the recurring conflicts with Laxman’s relatives become somewhat monotonous. Additionally, the romantic track between the central characters is somewhat overstretched, impacting the narrative’s overall flow.


Nevertheless, the movie’s treatment and pace take a more engaging turn in the latter half. The portrayal of the rural backdrop and the eccentricities of the villagers is executed adeptly, with the interactions between characters evoking laughter at intervals. The film is complemented by memorable tracks such as “Naav Chali Re” by Kavita Seth and “Hai Pyaar Ka” by Shahid Mallya.

Dolly Tomar and Rajneesh Dubey offer strong performances, particularly in their portrayal of the awkward newlywed couple and their struggles as life takes unexpected turns. Uday Atrolia’s role as Mama, who introduces the couple and assists Laxman in his quest to find his wife, is also noteworthy. Bobby Vats, as the menacing Shakil Khan, and Satya Agnihotri, as Dolly’s former lover, contribute decent performances to the narrative.

The film carries an essential message, emphasizing that women should not be restricted to mere domestic duties after marriage. While it presents a compelling story, it could have benefited from a tighter screenplay to further amplify its impact. In summary, this film is worth a watch, as it tackles the issue of women’s autonomy in post-marital life, although it might require some patience as it unfolds.

Pyaari Tarawali The True Story Movie Cast And Budget

Dolly Tomar, Uday Atrolia, Bobby Vats, Rajneesh Dubey, Satya Agnihotri, Bahadur Singh Dangi, Sangeeta Srivastav, Gourav Namdev

Budget: ₹5 million

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