Tejas Movie Review : The aviation drama is experiencing a turbulent journey.

Tejas Movie Review

Tejas Movie Review: In a daring mission, an Indian Air Force fighter pilot embarks on a mission to rescue a hostage from the clutches of terrorists. This abduction is intricately linked to an imminent threat to India. The nation’s fate hangs in the balance as the fearless protagonist and her co-pilot take on this critical challenge.

Tejas Movie Review: Drawing inspiration from the historic decision made in 2016 when the Indian Air Force opened its doors to women in combat roles, this thriller unveils a remarkable narrative. Kangana Ranaut takes the lead as Tejas Gill, a determined pilot who shatters gender norms, aspiring to pilot a fighter aircraft and serve her homeland. Her unwavering determination persuades her superiors to entrust her with the pivotal mission of hostage rescue, with her dependable co-pilot, Afia (Anshul Chauhan), by her side. The film explores Tejas’s audacious journey, her unwavering love for her country, and the suspense surrounding the success of her daring endeavor.

Tejas Movie Review

What sets this narrative apart is the refreshing departure from conventional roles, as two women take center stage. Their intellect and bravery serve as their ultimate arsenal, and watching them in action is a convincing testament to their prowess. Sarvesh Mewara, the writer-director, has skillfully reversed traditional roles, relegating men to supporting characters or individuals in need of rescue by Tejas. While this paradigm shift is welcome, the narrative occasionally tends to push the envelope with Tejas’s audacity. Instances such as her confrontations with male pilots, physical altercations with adversaries, and encounters with tribal communities feel somewhat contrived and excessive.


Tejas Movie Story

Navigating the storyline becomes a challenge as it fluidly transitions between past and present timelines. As the narrative unfolds, certain sequences may appear abrupt, leaving the viewer yearning for a more cohesive screenplay. Nonetheless, the narrative gains momentum when the central hostage rescue mission is set into motion, offering riveting high-octane action sequences. However, the simultaneous subplot of an impending terrorist attack can occasionally divert attention.

Hari K Vedantam’s cinematography elevates the film’s visual appeal, effectively capturing the intensity of airstrikes, flight sequences, and gripping combat scenes in desert landscapes. The film excels in the action department, with Kangana Ranaut delivering a stellar performance. She effortlessly embodies the persona of a fighter pilot, seamlessly transitioning between action sequences and emotionally charged moments. Anshul Chauhan, as her spirited and supportive co-pilot, leaves a strong impression. Shashwat Sachdev’s musical compositions, especially Arijit Singh’s rendition of “Jaan Da,” the energetic “Ranjhana,” and the triumphant anthem “Aag Udi,” stand out as highlights.

“Tejas” is likely to resonate with enthusiasts of patriotic cinema and defense-themed dramas. However, a more compelling narrative and a tighter screenplay would have amplified the film’s impact.

Tejas Movie Cast and Budget

Kangana Ranaut as IAF officer Tejas Gill, Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vishak Nair

Budget- Rs 20Crore

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