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Team India Player cheated on his friend! Heart lost on Shubman Gill’s girlfriend

Shubman Gill played amazingly well in the ODI series against New Zealand and Sri Lanka in early 2023. He even scored a double century against New Zealand. Although his form didn’t continue, he also performed exceptionally in the IPL and scored 3 centuries during the season. Ishan Kishan, who is the wicket-keeper batsman for Team India, is a close friend of Shubman Gill. They have been spotted together on several occasions.

Meanwhile, Shubman Gill shares a strong bond with his best friend, Team India’s wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan, and they have often been seen together. However, there are numerous rumors circulating on social media about Shubman Gill’s girlfriend Sara Tendulkar, suggesting that they are in a relationship. Adding to the speculation, Ishaan Kishan has liked a photo of Sara Tendulkar, sparking discussions on social media platforms.

Ishaan Kishan reacts to Shubman Gill’s Girlfriend photo

There is a lot of talk on social media that Indian team opener Shubman Gill and Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter, Sara Tendulkar are dating each other. Meanwhile, Sara Tendulkar posted a photo on her Instagram, but Shubman Gill didn’t respond to it. However, his best friend Ishan Kishan liked Sara Tendulkar’s photo. This has led to various discussions on social media regarding Ishan Kishan.

Take a look at Sara Tendulkar’s post here:

There is a discussion going on about Sara and Gill.

Ever since the young batsman Shubman Gill made his mark in Team India, the audience has been intrigued by his connection with Sarah Tendulkar. On several occasions during Team India matches, when Shubman Gill was fielding near the boundary line, the audience playfully teased him by mentioning Sara’s name. They have also been spotted engaging with each other on social media multiple times. As a result, there is a lot of speculation on social media about the possibility of them dating each other.


In addition to his batting skills, Shubman Gill often grabs attention for his personal life. However, it’s not his relationship with Ishaan Kishan that makes headlines, but rather his connection with Sara Tendulkar. There are numerous rumors circulating on social media suggesting that they are in a romantic relationship. Recently, Sara Tendulkar posted a photo on her social media account, and Ishan Kishan reacted to it, sparking discussions about the two on social media platforms.

Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar are on vacation

For the past few years, there have been speculations about Shubman Gill’s relationship with Sara Tendulkar. Even during the IPL, fans closely observed their interactions. Now that Gill is taking a break from cricket, he has gone on a vacation. However, he is not accompanied by Sara Tendulkar but by Ishan Kishan.

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