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Big Updates in YouTube Monetization Policy: Now Creators Can Earn Only From 500 Subscribers!

YouTube has announced that it is making it easier for creators in India to earn money through their videos. They are relaxing the rules for joining the YouTube Partner Program and simplifying the process for creators with fewer followers to start monetizing their content.

If you are a YouTube content creator and were concerned about earning money, there is good news for you. YouTube has made significant changes to its YouTube Monetization Policy. Now, you don’t have to worry about monetizing your YouTube channel because you can start earning even if your channel has just 500 subscribers. Before that, you need at least 1000 subscribers for channel monetization.

YouTube announced that it is making it easier for creators to earn money through their YouTube channels. They have decided to modify the YouTube Monetization Policy by reducing eligibility requirements and the limit for monetization. That means creators with fewer subscribers will now be able to monetize their YouTube channels and start earning money.

YouTube changed these rules

Earlier, creators needed to fulfill certain conditions to become eligible for the YPP and earn money from their content. However, with the new Monetization Policy, creators need only 500 subscribers to qualify, which is half of the previous requirement. YouTube has also decreased the watch hour time requirement from 4000 hours to 3000 hours. That means creators only need to accumulate 3000 watch hours within a year to meet the criteria for monetization.

As part of the YouTube Monetization Policy, there are some changes regarding YouTube Shorts views. Before this, creators needed 10 million views to monetize their channel through Shorts. However, this requirement has been reduced to 3 million views. In other words, creators now need 30 lahks YouTube Shorts views within 90 days to eligible for monetization. Initially, these rules will implemented in the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. Later on, they may also be implemented in other countries.

Small creators will benefit

YouTube’s new YouTube Monetization Policy brings great benefits to small and beginner YouTubers. Now, they will have more chances to earn money from their content on YouTube. However, they need to achieve certain goals to grow their audience and generate advertising revenue. The revenue-sharing system remains unchanged. Existing creators who are already part of the YouTube Partner Program do not need to reapply.

Under the YouTube Monetization Policy, creators who join the program will have access to various beneficial tools such as Super Thanks, Super Chat, and Super Stickers. Additionally, they can utilize subscription tools like channel membership and promote their products through YouTube Shopping.

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