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Neeyat Review: Vidya Balan Shines in Anu Menon’s Intriguing Crime Drama

Neeyat Review: Your one-stop destination for the newest movie reviews and entertainment news. In this blog post, we will discuss Anu Menon crime thriller “Neeyat” and admire Vidya Balan’s extraordinary performance in the lead role. Neeyat takes viewers on an exciting adventure as Vidya Balan plays a calm and serious crime investigator, defying the typical depiction of women in such roles. So, let’s explore the captivating aspects of this gripping film.

Neeyat Movie Review: Release Date, Trailer, Cast

Release Date:July 07, 2023
Star Cast:Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Amrita Puri, Rahul Bose, Shahana Goswami, Neeraj Kabi, Shashank Arora, Prajakta Koli, Niki Walia, Danesh Razvi, Dipannita Sharma and More
Director:Anu Menon
Available On:Near Your Theaters
Runtime:132 Minutes

Unconventional Crime Investigation

In Neeyat, Vidya Balan plays the character of Mira Rao, a senior officer in the CBI who has a different way of solving crimes. Unlike the usual portrayal of women who have all the answers, Mira Rao is a sharp investigator who believes in the power of silence. She doesn’t show off or draw attention to herself, but her acting skill is commendable as she effortlessly expresses various emotions.

A Story of Intrigue and Twists

The story of Neeyat weaves together clever surprises and familiar elements, making it an engaging mystery. The movie moves at a good speed, leaving little room for guesswork, as the main details about the possible suspects are revealed early on. However, the complexities of the plot and the tangled web of lies surrounding the death of the castle owner are slowly unveiled, keeping the audience guessing until the very end.

Star Performances and Character Dynamics

Directed by Anu Menon the movie has a group of actors who showcase different levels of performance. Neeraj Kabi, Shahana Goswami, and Shashank Arora give exceptional performances that stand out. However, some other actors struggle to enhance the story due to their inconsistent acting. Nonetheless, Vidya Balan shines brightly as Mira Rao, the main character. She effortlessly embraces the role and successfully breaks free from the usual stereotypes associated with crime investigators. Her performance remains the highlight of the film.

Official Trailer: Vidya Balan | Anu Menon | Neeyat

Setting the Stage: Highgrave Castle

The location of the film, Highgrave Castle, enhances the mystery and sets the atmosphere for this timeless crime drama. Located on a cliff with a stormy sea in Scotland, the castle becomes a symbol of extravagant indulgence, reflecting the peculiarities of its owner, Ashish Kapoor. On his birthday, Kapoor invites his loved ones to the castle, creating a spooky environment that hides many secrets.

A Gripping Investigation Unfolds

As the story unfolds, the castle becomes a grim stage for a series of mysterious deaths, starting with Ashish Kapoor himself. Mira Rao, who happens to be at the castle for a particular reason, takes charge of the investigation before Scotland Yard can interfere. The guests, trapped due to a severe storm that has cut off the only bridge connecting the island to the mainland, become the main suspects as Mira Rao unravels the truth behind the tycoon’s death.

Deviating from Genre Conventions

Neeyat, despite having the essence of a traditional crime drama, brings a fresh twist to the storyline. It combines the usual elements of a grand mansion filled with hidden secrets with surprising plot twists and revelations. When Mira Rao realizes that the death is not a suicide but a murder, every person on the guest list becomes a possible suspect. This increases the suspense and keeps the audience eagerly engaged in the story.

The Climactic Revelation

In the last part of the film, the characters gather in a room while Mira Rao conducts a compelling questioning session. Accusations and confessions come one after another, revealing hidden secrets and motives. As the exciting climax unfolds, Neeyat keeps the mystery alive, making sure the audience stays engrossed till the very end. With a couple of major surprises, the movie concludes as a thrilling and fast-paced story that follows all the necessary rules, leaving viewers content with its intriguing plot.

Neeyat Movie Review: The Last Word

As per my review, Neeyat is an exciting crime thriller that stands out from the usual patterns seen in this genre. The film was directed by Anu Menon where Vidya Balan delivers a remarkable performance as Mira Rao, a crime investigator who surprises us with her quiet yet impactful presence. Although the movie includes both clever surprises and some predictable parts, it manages to keep the audience interested throughout. Neeyat is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and those who admire Vidya Balan’s exceptional acting talent.

What’s Good About Movie:

The smart way of narrating a story is by using an experienced actor who initially acts in a subtle manner but then reveals that things are about to change drastically.

What’s Bad About Movie:

Sometimes, directors make choices that are too convenient and give away important information. Additionally, the exaggerated acting performances can become overwhelming.

Can We Go to Watch It or Not:

If you enjoy mystery stories, you shouldn’t miss it. However, try not to have too many expectations when going to watch it.

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