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Lust Stories 2 Review: Tamannaah Vijay’s ‘Sex With Ex’ Fails To Impress Netflix Plans

Lust Stories 2 Review: “Lust Stories 2” is a Netflix film consisting of four tales that explore various plans of lust and desire. Two of the stories focus on lust as a tool of power and vengeance, while another revolves around voyeurism and arousal.

Lust Stories 2 includes passionate moments that happen both on and off camera, as well as implied encounters. However, these intense moments are not the only focus of the four stories.

In one of the stories, a man and his ex-wife, who disappeared years ago, unexpectedly meet in a mysterious and enchanting small town. This encounter reignites their passion, but it also brings about a sense of foreboding.

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As exciting as it may seem, Lust Stories 2 doesn’t start off very well. The first story, “Made for Each Other,” directed and co-written by R. Balki, fails to provide any enjoyment. It presents a simplistic and uninteresting view on the importance of good sex in a happy marriage, avoiding the deeper and more complex themes explored in the other stories.

The anthology begins with a story by R. Balki, focusing on a young couple (Mrunal Thakur and Angad Bedi) and their grandmother (Neena Gupta). Balki adds his unique sense of humor to highlight the significance of sexual compatibility. Neena Gupta delivers funny one-liners, while Mrunal and Angad convincingly portray their roles.

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The film’s second part, “The Mirror” left to Konkona Sen Sharma, takes the lead in generating excitement and moving past the dull beginning of Lust Stories 2. This is followed by three consecutive segments that are much more passionate and captivating.

“The Mirror” explores female desire in a fresh way, taking the film into a complex and intricate territory as it delves into the various and sometimes confusing aspects of physical pleasure.

In Sen Sharma’s part, the story focuses on two different women – Isheeta (Tillotama Shome), a successful single professional, and Seema (Amruta Subhash), her dependable maid. The segment explores the consequences of an intriguing situation that occurs when Isheeta unexpectedly witnesses a surprising scene upon returning from work one afternoon.

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In Sujoy Ghosh’s “Sex with Ex,” Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma play the roles of a woman who had vanished long ago and her former husband, a successful corporate executive. The story explores their relationship, which abruptly ended in mysterious circumstances, incorporating both intimate moments and puzzling elements. While a few aspects of the story are left unexplained, it remains captivating enough to keep the audience engaged.

Kajol delivers a strong performance that anchors the story with substance. Kumud Mishra’s acting is impressive and natural, as always. The two younger actors, Anushka Kaushik and Zeeshan Nadaf, deserve special recognition for their equally great performances, standing on par with the rest of the cast in Lust Stories.

Positive Points

  • Lust Stories 2 explores more than just the surface level of lust, diving into the intricacies of human connections and desires.
  • R. Balki’s part effectively uses humor to emphasize how important it is for couples to have a good sexual connection.
  • Konkona Sen Sharma’s story is remarkable for its sensitive and wise portrayal of female empowerment in terms of sexuality.
  • The performances in Lust Stories 2, especially by Neena Gupta, Tillotama Shome, and Amruta Subhash, are remarkable and add depth to their characters.

Negative Points

  • Not all stories in the anthology have a satisfying ending, and some don’t have the same impact as they do in the beginning.
  • Some viewers might think that R. Balki’s part is too simple in the way it presents its ideas.
  • Tamannaah Vijay ‘Sex With Ex’ story fails to impress audience

Lust Stories 2 Review: Overall, Lust Stories, much like the first one, has a variety of stories ranging from exciting and entertaining to disappointing and unappealing. The storytelling isn’t consistently focused on lust. However, when it does explore that aspect, there is enough energy to overlook occasional shortcomings.

Lust Stories 2 cast: Kajol, Neena Gupta, Vijay Varma, Tamannaah, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash, Tillotama Shome, Kumud Mishra, Anushka Kaushik
Lust Stories 2 directors: Konkona Sen Sharma, R Balki, Amit Sharma, Sujoy Ghosh

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