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Adipurush New Trailer: The Stunning Visual Effects That Leave You in Awe

The new trailer of Adipurush, starring Kriti Sanon and Prabhas, looks really good. Saif Ali Khan, playing the role of Lankesh, also looks impressive in this Om Raut film. The final trailer of Adipurush was released on Tuesday evening, showing exciting big battles and more scenes of Prabhas as Lord Ram.

New Trailer of Adipurush Out

The action-packed new trailer of Adipurush, a film directed by Om Raut and based on the epic Ramayan, was released on Tuesday evening, just a week and a half before the movie’s release. This highly anticipated and closely observed film has garnered a lot of attention in recent times. As soon as the trailer was released, fans took to social media to flood it with their comments, scrutiny, and reviews. Today, Prabhas and Kriti launched the final trailer of Adipurush at a grand event held at Sri Venkateswara University Stadium in Tirupati. Fans of the Baahubali actor gathered in large numbers at the stadium, eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. They decorated the streets with posters and cut-outs of Prabhas to give him a grand welcome.

In the movie Adipurush, Prabhas plays the character of Raghava (Lord Ram), Kriti Sanon portrays Janaki (Sita), and Saif Ali Khan takes on the role of Lankesh (Ravana). This film is said to have been made with a whopping budget of Rs 700 crore, making it the most expensive movie ever created, with a significant amount spent on visual effects (VFX). However, the final trailer, featuring grand battles and numerous VFX shots, didn’t leave a strong impression on the viewers.

The Visual Effects of the Adipurush Trailer

When the first trailer of Adipurush was shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, fans and movie enthusiasts had a common complaint. They were not impressed with the visual effects (VFX) used in the trailer. One comment on Reddit expressed disappointment, saying that the “CGI looks f***ing disgusting, and questioned the reported budget of 500 crores spent on it. Some viewers felt that Prabhas was not the right fit for his role, and they also didn’t like the depiction of Hanuman. However, there were expectations that Saif Ali Khan would deliver a good performance. A tweet criticized the trailer, comparing it to a poorly made animated film and expressing disappointment towards the director, Om Raut, for not doing justice to the epic Ramayan. Many others commented that the CGI looked like it belonged in a video game.

But the new trailer shows a notable improvement in the visual effects compared to the earlier version. The previous trailer received mixed reviews due to its unfinished visual effects, but the new trailer demonstrates that the filmmakers have put in significant efforts to refine and enhance the visuals. However, as the trailer progresses, some scenes still appear unpolished, particularly the final battle sequence.

Adipurush Final Trailer: An Overview

The trailer of Adipurush, which is over 2 minutes long, introduces the storyline of Ramayana. It starts with the scene of Sita Haran, featuring Kriti as Janaki and Saif as Lankesh. Prabhas stands out with his performance as Raghava on the battlefield. The first half of the trailer showcases impressive visuals, surpassing the quality of previous trailers and teasers. However, towards the end of the trailer, the quality of visual effects slightly declines.

Prabhas, the main actor in the film, faced some criticism for his appearance and performance in the 2-minute trailer. One person wrote, “Prabhas took 150 crores for this, but it seems like he didn’t put in much effort. It’s disappointing to see him treat a role like Lord Rama as a joke.”

Ajay-Atul compose the music for the movie Adipurush, while Manoj Muntashir writes the lyrics. Sunny Singh and Devdatta Nage play important roles in the film. The filmmakers have scheduled the release of the movie in theaters on June 16.

Om Raut on Adipurush

Director Om Raut, known for his National Award-winning film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, dedicated the film Adipurush to the Ramleela artists who have brought the epic tale to life in various forms across the country for many years. During a press event, he expressed his admiration for the story of Ramayan, comparing it to a bus. He mentioned that they have joined this journey and will continue for some time before passing it on to someone else. However, the tradition of Ramleela will continue, and different interpretations of the story will be seen as long as India exists.

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