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Shah Rukh Khan Said “Main Bohot Ghatiya Insaan Hoon” To An Editor & Confessed Bribing For An Award

Shahrukh khan once tried to bribe an editor in order to win the Best Actor award and called to himself as a “Ghatiya Insaan”.

Indian award shows have been getting a lot of negative attention lately. Celebrities like Aamir Khan and Kangana Ranaut have previously discussed the idea of not participating in these events. Recently, Salman Khan also spoke up and revealed some unpleasant truths about these ceremonies. They all agree on one thing – Indian award shows are fixed! Some said it in a lighthearted way, while others made serious accusations. Although Shahrukh khan hasn’t directly addressed the issue, he did give some hints about it during an old interview.

It might be surprising, but Shah Rukh Khan once attempted to bribe an editor to win an award. Rather than trying to cover it up or deny it, he openly admitted to it without any hesitation. Keep reading to discover the full story of what actually happened.

On a Reddit page, a video resurfaced featuring Shah Rukh Khan being interviewed by Rajat Sharma on a show called Aap Ki Adalat. During the interview, the host mentioned that SRK had received an award for Best Actor. However, just before accepting the award, he approached the editor with money in his pocket and attempted to bribe him. In response to this allegation, the star of the movie Pathaan gave his reply, “Jab aadmi ko want hoti, desire, chaah hoti hai kisi cheez ki bohot, toh woh bohaut ghatiya bann jata hai…ki ‘mujhe yeh chahiye, mujhe ye bhi chahiye, mujhe gadi chahiye, bungalow chahiye.’ Toh mujhko awards ki bohaut chaah hai.”

Here is the Video:

Shah Rukh Khan went on to explain that he did the unimaginable due to his desperate desire for recognition. He admitted, “I was extremely desperate to win the Best Actor award because I genuinely believed that I deserved it based on objective reasons.” Mujhko aisa award milna chahiye iss saal. Toh woh want aa gayi, woh desire aa gayi, toh fir main ghatiya ho gaya. Jab main ghatiya ho gaya, toh main editor ke paas gaya. Maine kaha ‘Sir main bohot ghatiya insaan hoon, mujhko ye award chahiye, aur agar aap paisa lete ho toh main paisa bhi de dunga,” he added. The editors informed him that their show didn’t function that way, and if Shahrukh khan truly deserved the award, he would earn it on his own merits.

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his role in the movie “Dunki,” admitted that when he received the award, he realized that he had made a mistake. He said, “ab mujhe award mila, toh mujhe laga ki maine bohaut ghatiya baat ki hai. Fir maine publicly Khalid Mohammed of Filmfare se apologise kiya. Mujhe koi bhi usmein sharam nahi hai ki apne ghatiyapan ke liye sorry bolun ya maafi maangu, aur maine maafi mangi.”

Could you have ever imagined that Shahrukh khan, the King of Bollywood, would engage in such behavior? Share your thoughts and stay tuned to Buzztidings for more news like this.

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