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“Mukesh Khanna on Adipurush” This team should be ‘burnt alive in public’

Mukesh Khanna aka Bhishma Pitamah, who previously expressed his disapproval of Saif Ali Khan being cast as Lankesh or Ravana, has now stated that the entire team of Adipurush should be “burnt alive in public”.

Actor Mukesh Khanna is still opposing the release of Adipurush and has called upon “the 100 crore Hindus of India” to “awaken” and join the protest to stop the release of this version of Ramayana. He expressed his anger towards Adipurush’s team by wishing that they should be burned alive at 50 degrees.

Mukesh Khanna said in an interview with news agency ANI, “They should not be forgiven. Yesterday, I mentioned on my channel that the entire team should be burnt alive at fifty degrees in public.”

Mukesh Khanna on Manoj Muntashir’s explanation

During an interview with news agency ANI, Mukesh Khanna said, “Kehte hain ki Manoj Muntashir bahut bada writer hai. Lakin maine follow kabhi nahi kia hai unko. Par unki bachkani baatein or harkate sunn ke mujhe bahut bura laga hai. Mujhe laga tha ki itne critcism ke baad jab poora Hindustan khada ho gaya toh ye log mooh chhupaenge. But ye kya bole ki, ‘Valmiki ji ka version tha, fir uske baad mein Tulsidas ji ka version hai, fir uske baad mein Ramanand Sagar ji ka version btana lage. Ye mera version hai.

Arey bhai, who the hell are you? Aap kya Valmiki ke upar hain jo bachcho ko bolenge ki purani baatein bhool jao, main jo bata raha hu wohi sahi hai?” (It is said that Manoj Muntashir is a great writer. I have never followed them. But I feel very bad after listening to his childish words. I had thought that after so much criticism, when the whole of India stood up, they would hide their faces. But he said, ‘There was Valmiki ji’s version, then after that there was Tulsidas ji’s version, then after that there was Ramanand Sagar ji’s version. This is my version. Hey brother, who are you? Are you above Valmiki who will tell the children to forget the old things, what I have been telling is correct?)

On the depiction of Hanuman and Rama

“Inhone Hanuman ko chamda pehna rakha hai. Rama ko inhone chamde ke sandals pehna diye. Na Rama ki moochh ho sakti hai bhai, na Krishna ki, or na Vishnu ki. Hum itne bade huye hain unko dekh kar.” (They have made Hanuman wear leather or Rama wear leather sandals. Brother, neither Ram, nor Krishna, or nor Vishnu can have a mustache. We have seen them in a particular way for so long time.)

Mukesh Khanna growled at Bhushan Kumar

Mukesh Khanna strongly criticized Bhushan Kumar, the owner of T-Series and co-producer of Adipurush. He mentioned that Bhushan Kumar is undoing all the positive work done by his late father in producing and popularizing numerous bhajans or Hindu devotional songs. “Aap jante hain T-Series ka karta dharta kon the. Unhone Rama ji ke bhajan, sare devon ke bhajan ko itne popular kar diye the ki unki wohi cheez aaj bhi bikti hai. Khud baith ke bhajburan sunte the.

Unka beta aaj ye hume Ramayana padhaega? Kya ye apne baap ki uss parampara ko aage badha raha hai ya unka naam kharab kar raha hai?” (You know who started T-Series. He made the bhajans of Lord Rama and other gods incredibly popular, and those songs became T-Series’ biggest sellers. He used to personally sit and listen to bhajans. But now, his son is narrating this type of Ramayana to everyone? Is he walking in his father’s path or tarnishing his father’s legacy?)

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