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Understand with 3 reasons why there is NO OTT buyer for “The Kerala Story”

By now, everyone who analyzes box office numbers and follows the entertainment industry knows that Sudipto Sen’s film “The Kerala Story” is a confirmed blockbuster.

After reading reports about the upcoming streaming of “The Kerala Story,” Subhash K Jha reached out to Sudipto for confirmation. Sudipto surprised Subhash with his response, saying, “We haven’t received any suitable offers from any OTT platforms for ‘The Kerala Story’ yet.”

When asked about the reports stating that the film is ready for streaming, Sudipto replied, “No, no. That’s fake news. We are still waiting for a good deal from any of the popular OTT platforms. But till now, we haven’t received any offer that is worth considering.

Here are the 3 reasons behind “The Kerala Story” propaganda

Here are the 3 major factors where the buyer did not offer “The Kerala Story” from any OTT platforms…

1. As you know that even before the release of this film, big controversies had arisen, due to which this film became a political issue. And also several politicians and Muslim leaders have alleged that the film is part of a larger campaign to disturb religious harmony and “insult the Kerala state.”

2. But when was asked about 32000 numbers from the Dirocter, then he turned his face, which he could not answer till date, although after a lot of criticism, he changed the title of the film on YouTube, in which he narrated heart-wrenching stories of 32,000 women. …” was reduced to “The True Stories of Three Young Girls from Kerala”.

3. ‘The Kerala Story’ throws light on the alleged issue of forced conversion and radicalization of women in Kerala, which created controversy as soon as the trailer was released. After which Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan criticized the makers of the film, calling it a “propaganda” of the “Sangh Parivar”. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, on the other hand, accused the filmmakers of “gross exaggeration” and “distortion” of Kerala’s reality. And at the same time he tweeted that if anyone could prove that 32,000 women in Kerala were allegedly forced to convert to Islam, they would ready to give him Rs 1 crore.

Director Sudipto alleges that entire film industry opposite him

But punishment for what? Director Sudipto says, “Our success at the box office has rattled several sections of the film industry. We feel that the entire entertainment industry has come together to punish us for our success. “When asked why a successful film like “The Kerala Story” has not secured a digital platform yet, the response was unexpected. “He said we don’t want to get into anything politically controversial.”

In an interesting revelation to Bollywood Hungama, a reliable industry source mentions, “Although ‘The Kerala Story’ performed well at the box office, its topic and subject matter have the potential to generate tremendous anger from a certain section of the audience. Due to this, no major OTT platform is willing to acquire the film.” Further explaining why ‘The Kerala Story’ is not finding takers on OTT, the source adds, “You should understand that ‘The Kerala Story’ comes across as a film with a specific agenda, while OTT channels have been focusing on more intelligent, thought-provoking, and entertaining content. In such a scenario, a film like ‘The Kerala Story’ does not fit into their preferred genres.”

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